XinCheJian (新车间) for DAFF FALL 2014: 3D Printing, Upcycling.. and a Robot Brawl?!

XinCheJian (新车间) is the first of many Hackerspaces in China. A technological non-profit organization, this Hackerspace is a place for people to come together to learn, tinker, and participate in international competitions.

The concept of the Hackerspace can be traced back to the Homebrew Computer Club in 1978 in Palo Alto, California which lead to the birth of Apple Inc. XinCheJian’s mission is to to support, create, and promote physical computing and open source hardware through having talks, workshops, and competition organization. The long-term goal is to spread the concept and philosophy of the Hackerspace to every large city in China. The people behind this movement are David Li (Foreman), Min Lin Hsieh (Community Organizer), and Ricky Ng-Adam (Project Generator).



XinCheJian will be bringing their Hackerspace movement to DAFF Fall ’14. Expect an interactive technology game station, 3D printing demonstration, perhaps even a robot brawl?

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