Opened since 2010, our boutique bagelry delivers freshly baked artisanal bagels to Shanghai homes and offices.

Realizing that few things are better or more comforting for breakfast than a warm bagel schmeared with a creamy, homemade spread, founder Christine Asuncion is proud to bring this iconic American classic into the Middle Kingdom.

Using only the highest quality ingredients available to us, we lovingly craft our bagels from scratch. Each one is hand rolled, fermented, boiled and then finally baked to golden perfection to ensure that hard to find density and chewiness that we crave.

自2010年成立以来,我们的硬面包圈店一直坚持以精品的服务把新鲜出炉的硬面包圈送至上海的各家各户。手工烘焙、涂满奶油乳酪、热烘烘的硬面包圈绝对是独一无二、营养丰富的早餐选择,我们的创始人Christine Asuncion也非常荣幸能把这一美国标志性的经典食品引入中国。