Kate & Kimi is Shanghai’s community-based online grocer started by two expat moms.

They are known for their unique variety of vegetables, homemade products and imported foods. Their exclusive vegetable partner is Gusto Fine Foods, who works with government-funded agri-instututes to supply over 25 of the top 5-star hotels and restaurants in China with specialty produce, microgreens and edible flowers.

Kate & Kimi work with local chefs and vendors, like Blue Sky Kitchen and Lizzy’s All Natural Smoothies, who make nutritious and delicious salads and smoothies sourcing all of their ingredients from Kate & Kimi.

Kate & Kimi 是两个外籍妈妈在上海的以社区为基础的在线杂货商。
她们独特的蔬菜,自制产品和进口食品广为人知。他们独特的合作伙伴 Gusto Fine Foods 与政府资助的农业机构合作, 供应给超过25个在中国的的顶级五星级酒店和高级餐馆高级沙拉植物microgreens和食用花卉。
Kate&Kimi与当地的厨师和供应商合作,提供所有营养和美味的蔬菜和水果原料, 如蓝天厨房和Lizzy’s纯天然果汁。