When Ping was a graphic designer, many of her original designed and handmade stuffed dolls awarded as the 2007 ETSY Featured Seller.

Two years ago, she started to make handmade jewelry & accessories, and built the brand with her unique design that distinguishes WAWAYA .

设计师&制作人: Ping曾是平面设计师. 业余设计的众多原创布偶,并入选2007年ETSY Featured Seller.

2年前,她开始手工首饰制作.以缠绕,捆绑叠加等手作方式,表现了轻松,自然,质感的手工饰品. 尝试打造区别于奢华珠宝和低廉批货的< WAWAYA手作饰物>