EXHIBITOR :: Neunzehn Design Studio

Neun.Zehn is a leather brand from Neunzehn design studio,most of its products are handmade by high quality natural vegetable tanned leather.The designer pay lots attention to product design and craft,the design direction was established in the German design style,unifying both utility and aestheticswith with clear structure.Yanjun and Hellenwho are the designer behind the brand,both have studied design in German many years,their great experience make them believe that good design is long-lasting.Neun.Zehn’s meticulous attention to detail,along with carefully considered design in making each product,make the brand become increasingly popular.

FromNeunzehnDesign StudioBrandNeun.Zehn,Most of its product line formed by the natural high quality vegetable tanned leather handmade,German type design style design direction based on simple and clear, both practical and attractive idea. Brand creative designerYanjunAndHellenHas been for many years in Germany studying design,Rich and diverse experiences made them more convinced,Good design is timeless.NeunzehnThat adheres to the strict design,The pursuit of quality, improve the attitude of making every product,Products and therefore subject to an increasing number of buyers of all ages.