Two cousins, Jessica Brus and Victoria Ivachoff, followed their dream to Shanghai to work with their aunt Natasha Ivachoff at her fashion studio in 2011. While their family roots herald from the pastures and rolling hills of Inner Mongolia, Victoria and Jessica grew up loving fashion in Australia and Canada. With a true love and innate understanding of the beauty of skins and leather, they started off by creating the perfect leather essential: leggings.

A year later, MISSY SKINS was born out of this international metropolis with a passion to keep leather fashionable and make it accessible. Legging is the core category of MISSY SKINS, which is offered all year round. Every piece is tested and quality checked to make sure the most discerning customers are satisfied. In order to minimize post-purchase expense and care, the team tested dozens of fabric samples and settled on one that’s comfortable to wear and washable by hand.

MISSY SKINS is made for the modern girl who’s a bit tomboy and a bit sassy. Confident, independent, with an attitude to set trend for whatever she does. A rebel, a free spirit, who feels comfortable in her own skin.