Sincerely dedicated by our professional design team and experienced artisans, Antipear Co. Ltd leatherware is a combination of creativity & craftsmanship.

To honour our commitment to high quality, all products are under limited productions that rely a lot on traditional handicrafts. The joy we found along every step of leathercraft process truly matters, sharing with you will be our greatest satisfaction. The exploration of traditional leathercraft, tried to use the concept and technique of Wingtip, Tassels etc…located on the leather shoes and transform into modern art design.

MADE IN EDEN,一個來自伊甸園的皮革品牌。由我們專業的設計團隊和經驗豐富的皮革工匠一起,將創造力和精湛的工藝結合,打造出高品質、經典而又時尚的皮革製品。 為了兌現我們對高品質的承諾,我們所採用的是最優質的意大利皮革 Shelly Belly 及 Yankee。每一個成品上都配有一張由意大利發行,配備獨立序號的原廠證書。所有產品都是依靠大量的傳統手工藝製作,目的是要保持皮革的天然和原味。 能夠與不同的人分享成果,是我們在皮革工藝路上最大的滿足。