#CREATEMORE Artist Applications opened 2 days ago and we’ve already received so many great submissions! One submission we loved was by DAFT IDEAS, a.k.a Borsan, a.k.a. the man responsible for the GIANT MULTI-COLOURED HEAD at last DAFF! ☯

✫ This time he’s creating the ★ SPACEBIKE – AN INTERACTIVE VISUAL AND AUDIO LAB! ★ Participants can hop on one of the installation bikes and pedal through time! You’ll get transported into space with cosmic visuals projections, surreal surround sound and interactive motion sensors detecting the riders movements! The faster you go, the more you explore! ✫

#CREATEMORE is all about INTERACTIVITY and PLAY, which is why we love DAFT IDEAS SPACEBIKE and want to see more of your fantastic ideas! Submissions are open until SEPTEMBER 25TH so its time to think outside the box and #CREATEMORE!

We can’t wait to see the results! Submit your ideas via the link below;



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