Spray Paint Beijing is the first documentary ever made about graffiti art in China.

China’s rapid progress and modernization has paved the way for graffiti to develop as rapidly as any other art form in the country and this documentary captures the art forms momentum in the capital of China over the course of one year.

The film also reveals a handful of the artists, foreign and Chinese, who transform Beijing’s walls during the day and night. Starring: Aigor, Zyko, Zhang Dali, Li Qiu Qiu, More, Zak, Andc, Biskit, Stu, Semik, Clock, Sick, BJPZ Crew, ABS Crew, TMM Crew, Liu Laoshi, and many more…

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With special credit to Editor: Wang Xiao Qian and Music: DJ Wordy, MC Webber.
Director Lance Crayon is from Fort Worth, Texas and moved to China in December 2009.