Patrick Aalk, has designed, produced, written or participated many aesthetic, artistic and multi-media projects.

Author of a few books of reference in their field, he is also one of the forerunners of the movement of urban exploration (Urban Explorers).

As a photographer, his steps have led him in many foreign countries and make this specialist in “unusual places”, one of the precursors of movements like UX and Urbex, which today invites around them other underground entities.

Since the early 1980s, in which Patrick began a parallel life under pseudonym, he will change his name several times to cover his tracks.

Living and in France, Sweden, USA, Spain or China, his vision of photography is against any fixed style as a “way of”.

Coming out of the beaten paths and exploring various techniques, he remains not less “himself”. Working in Ningbo (Zhejiang area) and Shanghai, Aalk (by his real name Patrick Saletta) is eclectic by nature, by choice, by necessity!