Odele Zhang has exhibited in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Berlin and New York. She is an artist who is curious about life, culture and community and this comes through in her works.

With a focus on animals composed in places you wouldn’t expect to see them, she will be leading the re-design of ‘Jack’s Kitchen’ and re-telling the tale, This is the House that Jack Built with a magical DAFF twist.

In the Artists own words…

“My focus on animals allows the viewer to take on feelings, experience cathartic, mysterious visual journeys without the hindrance of cultural barriers. Simultaneously, I’m curious about realizing the impossibles in my paintings, so that at least in the visual world that I present, they are possible. For instance, I imagine what would happen when animals appear in places that they normally do not belong, or intertwine with objects that they normally wouldn’t. I am always ready to explore incongruity and often conflicting elements in one image.”


Odele 张已在上海展出, 汽车的喇叭声香港, 柏林和纽约. 她是一位艺术家对生活很好奇, 文化和社会,这是她的作品.
重点放在动物组成的地方,你不会 ’ t 希望看到他们, 她将领导重新设计的 ‘ 杰克 ’ s 厨房’ 和重新讲述的故事, 这是一个神奇的达夫扭曲,杰克兴建的房子.


“我对动物的焦点允许查看器采取的感情, 泻药的经验, 神秘的视觉旅行,没有文化壁垒的障碍. 同时, 我 ’ m 好奇实现可能在我的画的对象, 所以,至少在我目前的视觉世界, 他们有可能. 举个例子, 我想象会发生什么,当动物出现在他们通常不属于的地方, 或与交织在一起的对象,他们通常不会 ’ t. 我总是准备探索的错位与经常冲突的元素,在一个图像中。”