Nicklas H is a Swedish Graphic Designer and Visual Artist.

His work has been exhibited in Sweden, Barcelona and Berlin and we’d like you to join us in welcoming him to Shanghai.

He’s done some pretty amazing cover designs within the music industry too and his latest technique involving 3D scanning of flowers was picked up by the Swedish artist, Jay-jay Johanson and turned into the music video below.

In life Nicklas sees no bounderied between work and play, he discovers beauty in all things. Feeling and seeing, intuition and observation. That is how he came to use a special scanning technique using water – to create visual imagery beyond the obvious. Celebrating our imagination.

Together with the Shanghai based company M-Lab he is taking the 3D scanning to the next level for DAFF. With flowers being a common theme throughout his work it’s no surprise that he’ll be supporting the re-design of the chill out zone.

2D Water Scanning

3D Scanned Distorted Printed