The Groove Choreographer Showcase

The Groove Choreographer’s Showcase’ is Shanghai’s first and exclusive production and celebration of international and local performance artists. Established in March 2014, the showcase is a platform to empower the free creative expression of young, upcoming choreographers and dancers. The Groove Choreographer’s Showcase is a live performance event, fuelled by artistic vision. Artists are encouraged to create in their own agenda and express their own ideas, freed from the usual restraints they are faced with in the Chinese commercial market.

We value our diversity and differences, as this allows us to be a consistently fresh and innovative. Every style is unique – and we respect the importance of initiative. New, old, fusion, doubled up or turned inside out – talent has to be exercised. The Groove’s aim is to bring western and asian talents to one stage and push the limits of cultural exchange, to accommodate the collaboration between cultures and visions.

The Groove is a challenge for every choreographer, as well as an entertainment and enrichment for the Shanghai community.

The Groove’s primary purpose is to nurture, exercise and expose talent.The Groove CS is a platform for industry professionals and fans to celebrate creativity and performance art. Its a chance for choreographers to express their vision, grow their fan base and meet with followers and agents in real life

舞蹈的魅力无穷最能表达= 3鑫枵叩男纳胱杂桑?耳边是流淌的音乐,眼前是翩翩舞者。他们可以通过身体的舞动讲述着拥有爱情,激情,恐惧,愤怒的动人故事。追随黑白变幻时空里的舞和乐,踏上异国风情的曼妙之旅。

这里Groove呈现世界各地鲜明、纯粹的舞蹈艺= A酰饫锞酆狭烁鞴璧敢帐趿煊蚶锏馁撸侵铝τ谟靡衾钟笆雍臀璧岗故腿松恼孚校河酶叩盖嵫锏奈璨叫松奈杼ǎ贸皇突车男木掣形蛏睦寺?/p>

Groove首创面向现代青年在自己人生舞台上发挥出他们的充分才能,并邀 请国内外知名艺术家,组成精锐团队,全新打造本台舞蹈专场晚会。