Ailadi is an Italian Designer and Illustrator who has been living in Shanghai for 3 years.

Her mixed media approach – using computer graphics, acrylic, watercolor, powders, seeds, paper-cut collages – makes her the ideal experimental artist to encourage creativity with anything that can be found. Ailadi’s designs are commissioned for anything from clothing to magazines and she’ll be featuring a brand new approach for DAFF Fall, combining watercolour with Chinese typography and collaborating with the public throughout the weekend to create one continuously developing, large scale community artwork.

In the Artists own words…

“For personal initiative I love to draw people doing things or behaving in a way that’s not familiar to me. I guess it’s my way to approach other points of view and to communicate them to whoever sees my drawings. I also simply draw what I happens around and to me, that turns out to be a sort of visual diary. The first Year I was in Shanghai I drew a picture a day for a year and at the end showed the result at the Minsheng Art Museum. I also love to collaborate with other people, because the works gets to an other dimension and it’s fun to do things together.”